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Even under any given health challenge, a ray of wellbeing remains. Take the time to review our services, we would be more than welcome to assist you.

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  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a system of medicine with origins in China, dating back almost three thousand years. Acupuncture affects specific points along energy meridians traveling the body.

  • Integrated Bodywork

    The intricate system that is the body, formed by our skeleton, muscles, soft tissue, organs, skin, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints, needs to be kept in top condition to function at its best.

  • MIndfulness and Yoga

    Mindfulness consists of the gentle practice of focus on our own experience, as it unfolds continuously, during our own present moment, with observance of our physical sensations

The Five Elements

The Five Elements

The Traditional Chinese law of treatment by opposites. Supply energy where there is a deficiency and sedate energy when there is an excess. Thus when there is an excess underlying a condition, it must be calmed or sedated, when the deficiency is the underlying factor, stimulation should be employed in any treatment given.


Stressed Employees Cost More

Stress excludes no type of career, gender, race, or class. It often will decrease productivity, morale, and even shorten your lifespan. A recent study by Concordia University reports how stressed employees will cost companies up to 10 percent of its profit if untreated. Consider these findings: 71 percent of US workers consider their workplace a […]


“Janette is an excellent healthcare practitioner with a wonderful way of
interacting with her patients. I had full confidence in her expertise at all
times. I went from being a person who had virtually no knowledge of
Acupuncture to a believer in Acupuncture. Janette demonstrated a level
of personal care and concern that I am not accustomed to receiving in
healthcare. But, most importantly, my pain level continually decreased
and the health of my right leg continually improved – without the use of any
drugs with their harmful side effects. Thank you for helping me get back to
an almost pain free existence with my right leg”.

“Janette’s dedication to her patients’ health and healing is evident the
moment you meet her. Her skills, compassion, and experience provide
for relaxing and restorative treatments. I had suffered from back pain
since I was a teenager and wasn’t sure I would be able to break the cycle
of pain and medication. Janette offered not only treatment but practical
advice that I could put to use everyday. After only a few sessions my
daily back pain has receded considerably. I am thankful for Janettes’
gentle and effective touch”.


“I had suffered from chronic pain for well over 10 years, and had sought
several avenues of treatment during that time, including acupuncture
from other practitioners.
A friend had referred me to Janette in the summer of 2011. I had found
some relief in the past from acupuncture treatments, but it was fleeting.
Janette went over my medical history, and identified a treatment
regimen. Within three treatments, Janette was able to aleviate my pain
to a threshold I had not experienced in a decade. After 5 treatments,

I was pain free. With monthly maintenance treatments, I am able to
maintain a very active lifestyle”.