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Point Locations

There are about 400 acupuncture point locations and 12 regular meridians, each meridian corresponding to each organ, nourishing it and extending to an extremity. A meridian is a path through which the life energy known as the Qi flows, in traditional Chinese medicine.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements

The Traditional Chinese law of treatment by opposites. Supply energy where there is a deficiency and sedate energy when there is an excess. Thus when there is an excess underlying a condition, it must be calmed or sedated, when the deficiency is the underlying factor, stimulation should be employed in any treatment given.


Stressed Employees Cost More

Stress excludes no type of career, gender, race, or class. It often will decrease productivity, morale, and even shorten your lifespan. A recent study by Concordia University reports how stressed employees will cost companies up to 10 percent of its profit if untreated. Consider these findings: 71 percent of US workers consider their workplace a […]