Stressed Employees Cost More

Stress excludes no type of career, gender, race, or class. It often will decrease productivity, morale, and even shorten your lifespan. A recent study by Concordia University reports how stressed employees will cost companies up to 10 percent of its profit if untreated. Consider these findings:

71 percent of US workers consider their workplace a significant source of stress
51 percent of Americans reports job stress reduces their productivity
$68 billion is the cost for U.S. companies from health care utilization

How do you know when your employees are stressed? According to an infographic by BetterWorks (see below), reveals physical and psychological signs of stress, which include headaches, apathy, fatigue, and even stomach problems.

How can employers combat stress in their workplace? Encourage employees to take short breaks every hour from their computer screen or current projects. Walks around the office and stretching can get employees re-energized and re-focused. Encouraging employees to seek stress relief habits and a healthy lifestyle outside the workplace will improve their overall attitude towards work. These stress relief habits include eating healthy meals, engaging in activities like yoga, exercise, and even acupuncture.



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